The GGN Executive Board for the promotion of the International Geodiversity Day 2022 decided to organize the following activities:

1. Global social media campaign

The GGN organizes a Facebook campaign (

The campaign includes a variety of promotional banners as well as posts for the promotion of the 5 most important Geological Heritage Sites in each one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks. 

The main focus is the promotion of the Geodiversity in UNESCO Global Geoparks! 

Please find the link with all the campaign posts till September 16th.

2. Video productions

The GGN organizes the production of two videos to be promoted in the GGN and all the UNESCO Global Geopark’s social media and website. The videos will be officially launched on the 6th of October 2022.    

3. GGN publication ‘Geodiversity in UNESCO Global Geoparks’

The GGN will also promote the geodiversity of all UNESCO Global Geoparks through its new publication “Geodiversity in UNESCO Global Geoparks”. 

Articles with photos of the various significant geosites of UNESCO Global Geoparks will be presented showing the uniqueness of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Geodiversity.

Untill now the GGN Secretariat has received 30 articles from UNESCO Global Geoparks. We will wait contributions from all UNESCO Global Geoparks.

The electronic version of the publication will be distributed on the 6th of October 2022.