The GGN Executive Board encourages all UNESCO Global Geoparks to participate in the celebration of the International Geodiversity Day 2022 and organize in their territories various field activities and giving the opportunity to schools as well as to local people and visitors to participate, be engaged and understand the value of geodiversity in the territory.

Examples of such activities can be: 

  • Guided tours and walks in Geopark’s geosites
  • Educational visits and activities (paintings, photos, videos etc)
  • Photo contests.

Let’s make the International Geodiversity Day a great moment for all Geoparks and our communities!

Geopark Activities

Novohrad-Nograd UNESCO Global Geopark

On the occasion of Geodiversity Day, a series of lectures were organized at the MTA headquarters, where Péter Prakfalvi presented our geopark.
Organizers: Magyarhoni Geological Society, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Geology Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Department of Earth Sciences, Hungarian National Committee for UNESCO

The program:
10:00 Greetings (János Szepesi, Miklós Réthelyi, Ákos Török)
10:15 László Sütő: The history and significance of Geotóp Days
10:40 Péter Prakfalvi: Geoscientific values of the Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark, with particular attention to the ones that came to the surface during raw material mining
11:05 Barnabás Korbély: The role of the Bakony–Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark in geological heritage protection and geotourism
11:30 János Szepesi: Principle and practical issues of compiling the National Geotopic Database
11:55 Ákos Török, Péter Görög and Annamária Kis: Cellar systems in the Budapest area as geological and cultural historical values
12:20 Pál Márton and Albert Gáspár: Mapping the geological diversity of Hungary
12:45 Closing remarks (Ákos Török, János Szepesi)

Villuercas Ibores Jara UNESCO Global Geopark

International Geodiversity Day was proclaimed by UNESCO at the 41st General Conference in 2021. It is celebrated on October 6 each year to highlight all aspects of geodiversity.
When we speak of geodiversity, we do so of everything that constitutes the physical environment in which life is developing. However, and as geoparks know very well, each environment, each soil, each rock, each landscape reveals stories of thousands and millions of years with which we can learn some lessons with which to better manage the planet in which we live and that we must leave to the next generations.
Being the first time that such a day is celebrated, it is appropriate to leave some reflections in which to support our awareness of inhabiting a planet whose history has bequeathed us the physical basis of everything that we recognize in our landscape. For this reason, UNESCO promotes the celebration of this day and encourages its Geoparks to bring geodiversity even closer to people. The Villuercas-Ibores-Jara UNESCO Global Geopark is fortunate to contain a wide geodiversity. Acknowledging it is as wise as being proud of all our heritage.
We want to echo this day, spread it to society and promote it with an exhibition that is capable of expressing the richness of its geodiversity in images and short texts.

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Events, International Geodiversity Day
The 1st International Geodiversity Day (IGD) was held around the world on 6 October 2022, with various promotional events and educational activities to raise awareness of the benefits of geodiversity for individuals, society and the environment.
To celebrate this special day, Hong Kong Geopark and the Hong Kong Science Museum were co-organised two public lectures on 8th Oct. Details are as follows:
Date: 8 October 2022 (Saturday)
Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum
Language: Cantonese
1st Session
Time: 13:30-14:45
Topic: The Geodiversity of Hong Kong Geopark
Cindy CHOI, Chairman, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong
Alvin NG, Geopark Officer
2nd Session
Time: 15:00-16:15
Topic: Geopark and Our Life
Vincent HO, Lecturer, Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Johnny WONG, Recommended Geopark Guide (R2G)

Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark

International Geodiversity Day - October 06 The #InternationalGeodiversityDay is a global celebration, which seeks to bring people together on October 6 of each year, to promote the conservation of the geological heritage present in the world. Geodiversity is all around you, it is all the parts of nature that are not alive, including everything from minerals and fossils, to soils and spectacular landscapes. At Tumbler Ridge Globla Geopark we join the celebration of the great geodiversity present in our territory, from Tepee Falls to Monkman Lake and Cascades. #GeodiversityDay #unescoglobalgeopark #geodiversity #TumblerRidge #TRGEO #tumblerridgegeo #visittumblerridgegeo

Kütralkura UNESCO Global Geopark

For the first time this we commemorated the day of Geodiversity. This day was incorporated by UNESCO in the year 2021. In the UNESCO Kütrlakura Global Geopark were developed many activities so that everyone who resided in the territory and visitors and tourists recognized the wonderful Geodiversity of our territory.

Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark

October 6th is #GeodiversityDay !! International Geodiversity Day is a worldwide celebration to promote the many aspects of Geodiversity around the world!
What is Geodiversity? It is everything around you that isn't living! The rocks, minerals, fossils, and landscapes that make up the world around you!
For Geodiversity Day 2022, Cliffs of Fundy Geopark teamed up with Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark and Géoparc mondial UNESCO de Percé to highlight some of the incredible Geodiversity in Atlantic Canada! Follow Geoscientists from three Canadian Geoparks for a walk through time!
A huge thanks to Catrina at Stonehammer for editting this video together in time and to Max at Percé for initiating this collaboration! For more information about Geodiveristy Day, check out

Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark

Webinar within the scope of International Geodiversity Day.
On the International Geodiversity Day, established by UNESCO and celebrated for the first time this year, come and learn more about the geodiversity of this territory and the heritage that led UNESCO to designate Estrela as a Global Geopark

Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark

Celebrating the world's geological diversity on October 6! Let's enjoy our wonderful Saimaa, shaped by the Ice Age. The magnificent cliffs, beautiful sandy beaches and ridges are incomparable!
#saimaageopark #unescoglobalgeopark #GlobalGeoparksNetwork

Joyce Country UNESCO Global Geopark

International Geodiversity day 2022
Today marks the first ever International Geodiversity Day as proclaimed by the UNESCO at its 41st General Conference in 2021. Geodiversity represents the variety of our mineral environment, i.e. all the parts of nature that aren’t alive. Geodiversity is the driver of biodiversity and also impacts many areas of society. These links are celebrated by UNESCO Global Geoparks throughout the world and particularly today.

We are very lucky in the Joyce Country and Western Lakes Geopark region to have such a rich geodiversity. The mountains and lakes of Joyce Country displaying a very rich variety of rocks (most rocks you would have heard about are there, including Connemara Marble) and telling a story over 700 million years old (see Finny or Glen Inagh for example). The limestone areas to the east of Loughs Mask and Corrib are fine representation of the karst landscape and features found in Ireland including one of the fastest flowing spring complexes in the World in Cong. And all the marks left by the growth, movement and melting of the glaciers and Ice Sheets of the Ice Ages of the Quaternary period (see Killary Fjord or The Deircs for example).
Geodiversity in the region:
To celebrate the first ever International Geodiversity Day, we are officially launching a set of 17 local geological maps of the main geosites and all the communities of the geopark. These maps were build in the last 18 months using the highest resolution geological mapping of bedrock, karst and quaternary features available from Geological Survey Ireland. All available place names were added to the maps and further place names can be added in the future when new records are finalised. Additionally, the main archaeological sites and walking infrastructures are also indicated if allowed for clarity.
These maps are all below and also visible on each individual pages for our geosites and our towns and villages. They are at different scales depending on the main site/area to display. They were designed for an A3 layout and so should not be printed on smaller paper. You can see them below and click on them for larger sizes. Enjoy…
#guthnatalún #exploreourwhisperinglandscape

Hong Kong Unesco Global Geopark

07 October 2022
The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Hong Kong hosts the “On the Geology Trail” Exhibition at the Stephen Hui Geological Museum

From 6 October, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Hong Kong, together with the Stephen Hui Geological Museum of The University of Hong Kong, are hosting an exhibition called “On the Geology Trail” to celebrate the first UNESCO International Geodiversity Day. The exhibition showcases the diverse geological heritage of Poland to local visitors.
Address: 1/F Display Cabinet, Stephen Hui Geological Museum, HKU
Time:1 pm–6 pm, Mon–Fri (except for University and public holidays), 6 Oct–6 Dec 2022

Yanqing Unesco Global Geopark

Yanqing Global Geopark and other 9 geoparks jointly create a popular science feast for geological diversity

In order to commemorate the first International Day of Geodiversity and to promote more public attention to the Earth's homeland, climate change and environmental crisis, on the morning of October 6, 9 geoparks including Beijing Yanqing jointly launched the "International Day of Geodiversity-Experience Geology". The first international geodiversity day science popularization activity with the theme of "Beauty of Parks". The 41st session of the General Conference of UNESCO in 2021 will set October 6th as the "International Geodiversity Day" (International Geodiversity Day)
It is hoped that through education in geological sciences, human beings will have the opportunity to obtain sustainable development solutions to address the increasingly pressing challenges of environmental degradation through actions such as responsible resource extraction, disaster risk reduction, climate change and biodiversity loss mitigation . As a natural resource science popularization base with rich geological relics, beautiful geological landscape and excellent ecological environment, the Geopark is deeply loved by the public. A workhorse of Diversity Day advocacy.

The event was hosted by the Natural Resources Science Popularization Office (hereinafter referred to as the Science Popularization Office), and was organized by 9 geological institutions including Beijing Yanqing, Guangdong Danxia Mountain, Zhejiang Yandang Mountain, Hunan Zhangjiajie, Yunnan Stone Forest, Shandong Taishan, Leiqiong, Anhui Tianzhu Mountain, and Fujian Longyan. The park is co-hosted, and will continue to carry out a series of themed activities of the "International Geodiversity Day" in October. On the morning of the 6th, geologists will take you to appreciate the beauty of geological diversity.

Jin Xiaochi, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Geopark Network and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, delivered a speech at the event, introduced the background and significance of the International Earth Diversity Day, shared the achievements of the Asia-Pacific Global Geopark Network, and demonstrated the beauty of Asia-Pacific geodiversity. He praised and called on the Global Geopark to take action to arouse more public attention to the earth's homeland and climate change with colorful earth science activities. Then Zheng Yuan, director of the China Geopark Network Office, reported the "Colorful China Global Geoparks", showing the geological features and magnificent landscapes of 41 China Global Geoparks and candidate parks from the perspective of geological structures and geomorphological types. The public can appreciate the magnificent scenery created by the geological upheaval on China's land from 4 billion years to the present, as well as the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the Geopark, Feel the beauty of China's geological diversity. Professor Su Dechen, the chief scientific communication expert of natural resources and a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, first gave a popular science lecture on "The Beauty of Geology and the Exploration of the Earth" to the public, sharing the causes and mysteries of various geological landforms such as granite, volcanoes, Danxia, and karst. Then, 9 geoparks were connected in the live broadcast room, and live interactive science popularization was carried out through platforms such as Tencent Conference, Xiaogetong, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xigua Video. 14 popular science commentators from 9 parks acted as live broadcasters at more than 20 magnificent geological relic sites. They introduced the typical geological landscapes to the public in the form of travel tours, and proposed to Professor Su Dechen the geological issues that tourists are most concerned about. Professor Su Dechen answered on the spot. Lu Zhangan, a science commentator of Yanqing Global Geopark, gave a lively and detailed introduction to everyone, allowing the audience to appreciate the texture, growth rings and tree knot structure of petrified wood without leaving home in the cloud. How the pines and cypresses more than 100 million years ago turned into rock-solid petrified wood step by step, understand the scientific knowledge behind the natural landscape.
Nearly 10,000 people watched the live broadcast online on various platforms that day, not only fans of the local park, but also teachers and students majoring in geology and other related colleges and universities such as China University of Geosciences, Sun Yat-sen University, and Donghua University of Science and Technology. The interaction put forward geological issues of interest to them, and expressed concerns about the protection of geological heritage, geological environment, and water environment. The video of this lecture and live event will also be played back on various platforms for the public to browse and learn. Next, the 9 geoparks will continue the "My Most Interesting Geoparks" wonderful message and prize-giving activities. The public can leave messages for their favorite geoparks through public accounts such as "Zhangjiajie Tourism", and the selected wonderful messages can get various geological parks. Exquisite gifts from the park, the deadline for the event is October 31, 2022.

Famenne-Ardenne Unesco Global Geopark

6 October 2022
The Global Geoparks Network is celebrating International Geodiversity Day 2022 today!
This day is an opportunity for us to recall the exceptional value of UNESCO Global Geoparks, territories hosting geological sites of international importance and guardians of the memory of our Earth.