The Global Geoparks Network celebrate the International Day of Museums!

Geopark Museums are the main infrastructure for the enhancement, protection, conservation, exhibition and promotion of Earth heritage elements and the communication of their value and importance.

Geoparks and their Museum narrating the story of the Earth!

Following the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns,
Geoparks and their Museums decided to adapt the format and focus of digital activities, to promote the values of the International Museum Day while ensuring the safety of the public and Geopark staff alike.

Since February the GGN started to support UNESCO Global Geoparks to explore the possible activities that Geoparks and their Museums can develop to reach their public remotely. At the same time Geoparks and their Museums focus on the “inclusive” part of their long-distance practices.

Geopark Museum ask their audiences to share their own view on their Geoparks and their exhibits through their websites and social media channels!