Working Groups



Working Groups may be authorised by the Executive Board to implement programmes and activitys, and to serve as a channel of communication between members of the GGN with similar scientific and professional interests”.

The GGN ExB defined the operational framework of the Working Groups and decided to establish thematic GGN Working Groups. Working Groups will be formed after a decision of the GGN ExB and will have geographical representation.

The GGN ExB discussed the establishment the following GGN Working Groups.

  • GGN Working Group on Geo-Hazards
  • GGN Working Group on Volcanic Areas
  • GGN Working Group on Geological Heritage Assessment
  • GGN Working group on Tourism
  • GGN Working group on Education
  • GGN Working group on Sustainable Development Goals
  • GGN Working group on Island Geoparks.

1. WG on Geoparks in Volcanic Areas
Coordinator Prof. Setsuya Nakada (Japan)
Vice coordinator Prof. Joao Carlos Nunes (Portugal)
Andreas Shueller, Franzen, Julia, Vulkaneifel, Germany
Barnabas Korbely, Bakony – Balaton, Hungary
Qinfei Lu, Yandangshan, China
Yongchao Si, Wudalianchi, China
Yongmun Jeon, Jeju, Korea
Elena Mederos, Lanzarote, Spain
Hanang Samodra, Indonesia

2. GGN WG on Geo-hazards
Coordinator Dr. Mahito Watanabe (Japan)
Vice coordinator in Dr. Charalambos Fassoulas (Greece)
UNESCO Earth Sciences and Geo-hazards Risk Reduction
Section Representative Dr. Irina Pavlova
Noritaka Matsubara, Sanin Kaigan, Japan
Alessia Amorfini, Apuan Alps, Italy
Brynja Davíðsdóttir, Katla, Iceland
Richard Watson, Marble Arch Caves, Ireland
Alisa Chen, Huangshan, China
Fang Chen, Danxiashan UGG, China

3. WG on Geological Heritage Assesment
Prof. Ibrahim Komoo, University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Malaysia
Prof. Xiaochi Jin, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, P.R. China
Dr. Kristin Rangnes, Director of Gea Norvegica UNESCO Global Geopark, Norway
Prof. Setsuya Nakada, University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Zhang Jianping, University of Geosciences, China
Dr. Mahito Watanabe, Geological Survey of Japan
Dr. Maurizio Burlando, Director of Beigua UNESCO Global Geopark, Italy
Dr. Marie-Luise Frey, Welterbe Grube Messel gGmbH
Prof. Patricio Melo, Universidade Regional do Cariri – URCA Reitor.
Dr. Asier Hilario, Scientific Coordinator of Basque Coast UGG
Dr. Godfrey Nowlan, Canadian Geological Survey, Canadian National Geopark Committee Chair
Soo Jae Lee, Chief Research Fellow, Korea Environment Institute (KEI) South Korea
Prof. João Carlos Carreiro Nunes, Azores University – Geosciences Department, Portugal
Prof. Alexandrou Andrasanou, University of Bucharest, Romania
Dr. Guy Martini, Director of Haute-Provence Geopark, France
Prof. Νickolas Zouros, University of Aegean, Greece

4. WG on Sustainable Development Goals
Xiaochi Jin, China
Patricio Melo, Brazil
Jutta Weber, Germany
Elizabeth Silva, Portugal
Ibrahim Komoo, Malaysia
Mustapha Oabbas, Morocco
Kristin Rangnes, Norway

5. WG on Tourism
Maurizio Burlando, Italy
Carlos Carvalho, Portugal
Ka Ming Yeung, Hong Kong – China
Marie-Luise Frey, Germany
Mustapha Oabbas, Morocco
Jane Fullerton, Canada

6. WG on Education
Marie-Luise Frey, Germany
Jianping Zhang, China
Jose Maria Barerra, Spain
Patricio Melo, Brazil

7. WG on Island Geoparks
Coordinator: Kazuhiro Nobe – Oki islands UNESCO Global Geopark
GGN ExB: Nickolas Zouros and Ibrahim Komoo
Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network
Azmil Munif Mohd Bukhari – Langkawi Island Geopark (Malaysia),
• Yongmun Jeon – Jeju Island Geopark (Korea),
• Kazuhiro Nobe – Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark (Japan)
• Alireza Amrikazemi – Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark (Iran)
European Geoparks Network
• Giannis Spilanis, Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark (Greece),
• Rory Tallack Shetlands UNESCO Global Geopark (UK),
• João Carlos Nunes – Azores UNESCO Global Geopark (Portugal),
• Sara Brito – Lanzarote and Chinijo Islands UNESCO Global Geopark (Spain)

GGN Communication Committee
The GGN Communication Committee was established in order to support coordination of the different communication tools
The Communication Committed is composed by:
Nickolas Zouros GGN President
Guy Martini GGN General Secretary
Burlando Maurizio, Italy GGN Calendar of Events
Duarte Antonio, Portugal EGN Newsletter
Furusawa Kana, Japan APGN Information Dissemination
Irazabal Diego, Uruguay South America
Korbely Barnabas, Hungary EGN Progress Reporting
Lemon Kirstin, Ireland EGN Social Networks
Mpatsios Dimitris, Greece GGN Association Website
Ramsey Tony, UK EGN Magazine
Li Sun, China China Social Networks
Watanabe Mahito, Japan GGN Annual Reports
Waters Sara, Canada North America
Weber Jutta, Germany EGN Newsletter
Yuan Zheng, China GGN Website and GGN Newsletter