7th GGN Advisory Committee Meeting

Monday 8 April 2024, at 12:00 GMT

Zoom meeting link

Meeting ID: 820 1111 7749  –  Passcode: cZuE5p

Agenda [pdf]

1. Welcome and adoption of the Agenda

1 Minutes of the 5th GGN Advisory Committee meeting

2. Minutes of the 6th GGN Advisory Committee meeting

      Implementation of the GGN Strategic Plan 2023-2025 [link]

  1. Registration of the Global Geoparks Network logo
  2. Use of the combined GGN logo from all the GGN bodies (Regional Networks, National Networks, etc.)
  1. GGN 20th Anniversary celebration
    1. GGN 20th Anniversary Logo
    2. Communication Platform / Tools and Contests
    3. Calendar of Events
    4. Welcome Digital Event for the New UNESCO Global Geoparks
    5. GGN Anniversary Celebration in UNESCO Global Geoparks
    6. International Intensive Course on UNESCO Global Geopark in Lesvos
    7. GGN Event during the 37th International Geological Conference – Korea
    8. GGN Events during the Regional Geopark Network Conferences
  • New GGN Working Group Initiatives
  • Procedure for the establishment of a Long Term GGN Strategic Plan 2025-2035
  • Any Other Business