Use of the Global Geoparks Network Logo

Explanatory Notes for the Use of the Global Geoparks Network  Logo

Since September 2014, when the Global Geopark Network International Organization was established, the GGN logo and acronym is used by the GGN members to mark the support of GGN in various events and activities.

The GGN Executive Board in 2023 took all necessary measures in order to strengthen the GGN logo visibility and use in activities aiming the promotion of the Geoparks brand:

  • took all necessary measures to register and protect the Graphic logo, acronym and the name “Global Geoparks Network”
  • proposed the creation of  a series of combined GGN logos to be used by the different GGN bodies and Regional and National Networks.

Standardized logos created for each one of the different GGN bodies In order to enhance consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in communication and promotion of the Geopark brand.

The new combined Logos can be used by all GGN Bodies to mark their activities: 

  • Regional Geopark Networks for their Conferences, Meetings & Events (CC, AC, WG, seminars, and communication posters).
  • National Geopark Networks / Fora / Committees for their Conferences Meetings & Events (CC, AC, WG, seminars, and communication posters).

A Graphic Charter has been prepared for the use of the combined GGN Logo.