4th GGN Ordinary General Assembly

Friday 8 September 2023, at 14:30-18.30
M’Goun UNESCO Global Geopark (Morocco)

Following the article 10 section 3 of the Global Geopark Network Statutes all members of the Global Geopark Network are invited to participate in the 4th GGN Ordinary General Assembly.

  1. The agenda of the 4th GGN General Assembly
  2. Minutes of the 3rd General Assembly
  3. Status Report on the GGN Association 2022 – 2023
  4. Amendments to the GGN Statutes
  5. Strategic Plan 2024-2025
  6. GGN 2024 Membership fees (Article 5, Section 1)
  7. Approval of GGN Honorary Members (Article 4, Section 2)
    • Tony Ramsay CV [pdf]

4th GGN Ordinary General Assembly [pdf]

The quorum for an Ordinary General Assembly is a simple majority of the number of members present, or members with the right to vote represented by a proxy. A member of the General Assembly may be represented by another member of the GGN, but no person may hold more than one (1) proxy. 

If this quorum is not reached, the General Assembly will be convened again in the same location within twenty-four (24) hours at the latest. Whatever the number of members then present, the General Assembly has the power to deliberate.

The decisions of an Ordinary General Assembly are taken by a simple majority of the members present. 

The Ordinary General Assembly makes decisions on recommendations from the Executive Board on changes to the conditions on application for membership.