Third APGN Week

The Third APGN Week is approaching. In 2020 and 2021, we successfully celebrated the First and Second APGN Weeks respectively, despite the difficult conditions caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many members took part with great enthusiasm in the fairs, and well demonstrated their creativities. Beyond almost everybody’s expectation, the Covid-19 Pandemic is still not over, and the Third APGN Week again would be operated in limited dimensions. Anyhow, we have gained more experiences in living and working in such an unusual situation, and known more about how to efficiently protect our communities. Some countries have opened up in March, the rest remain taking measures of varied strengths.
In this context, we hope that the Third APGN Week will, so far as the situations allow, best arouse our enthusiasm to promote the philosophy of UGGp, to activate more good practices, to demonstrate UGGp’s resilience, and to strengthen the networking.
Some Geoparks have decided to continue the activities that were well received during the Second APGN Week; some geoparks are planning new activities that would best fit their own conditions. We expect more Geoparks will soon join in. As always, we are at your disposal. For a successful APGN Week!

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