Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th February 2021

UPDATE: The presentations have been added to the programme in each presenter’s field in pdf links.

GGN Digital Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks is a global initiative with the aim of networking and exchanging of information and ideas regarding UNESCO Global Geoparks’ activities and initiatives.

The 2nd GGN Digital Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks 2021 took place on Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 12:00 – 14:00 GMT.

The 1st session of the GGN Digital Forum on Tuesday 23rd dealt with GGN operational issues. The 2nd session of the Forum dealt with issues related to networking and the vision of the UNESCO Global Geoparks for the future in “The World After”.

During the 2nd session UNESCO Global Geoparks presented their good practices during COVID-19 pandemic.

Agenda [pdf]

Meeting ID: 683-161-325

11:00-12:00 GMTCheck connection of  the participants
12:00-12:10 GMTWelcome and Greetings / Adoption of the Agenda
Greetings by 
Nickolas Zouros, GGN President
Kristof Vandenberghe, UNESCO
Guy Martini, UGGp Council Chair
12:10-12:15 GMT UNESCO Global Geoparks – Latest news
Updated form A – invitation to participate in the testing phase
Kristof Vandenberghe, UNESCO
12:15-12:25 GMTReport on GGN Activities till November 2020
Nickolas Zouros and Guy Martini
12:25-12:30 GMTReport on GGN Financial Status
Kristin Rangnes, GGN Treasurer
12:30-12:50 GMT    (5’ each presentation)REGIONAL GEOPARKS NETWORKSAsia Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN)
Xiaochi Jin – P.R. China
European Geoparks Network (EGN)
Kristin Rangnes – Norway
Latin America and Caribbean Geoparks Network (GeoLAC)
Patricio Melo – Brazil
Canadian Geoparks Network
John Calder – Canada [pdf]

African UNESCO Global Geoparks Network (AUGGN)- North Africa and Arab world
Driss Achbal – Morocco
Sub-Saharan Africa
Rama Khatibu – Tanzania
12:50-13:00 GMT 9th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks – Jeju island 
Yongmun Jeon – Conference Organizing Committee Representative
13:00-13:40 GMT     (5’ each presentation)GGN WORKING GROUPS
GGN Working Group on Geo-Hazards
Babbis Fassoulas – Greece [pdf]

GGN Working Group on Volcanic Areas
Setsuya Nakada – Japan
GGN Working Group on Geological Heritage Assessment
Ibrahim Komoo – Malaysia
GGN Working group on Tourism
Marie – Luise Frey – Germany & Carlos Carvalho – Portugal
GGN Working group on Education
Jose Maria Barrera – Spain & Jianping Zhang – P.R. China [pdf]

GGN Working group on Sustainable Development Goals
Xiaochi Jin – P.R. China
GGN Working group on Island Geoparks
Kazuhiro Nobe – Japan [pdf]
13:40-14:00 GMTDiscussion Q & A
14:00 GMT      End of Session

Wednesday 24th February 2021 / 12.00-14.30 GMT

UNESCO Global Geoparks – Networking

11:00-12:00 GMTCheck connection of  the participants
12:00-12:05 GMTWelcoming the participants
12:05-12:15 GMTThe new UNESCO – GGN  initiative “Geoparks for Africa”
Guy Martini, UGGp Council Chair
Kristof Vandenberghe, UNESCO
12:15-12:35 GMTUNESCO Global Geoparks in “The World After” – Vision for the futureGeopark Roadmap on Climate Change
Nickolas Zouros, GGN President
Guy Martini, UGGp Council Chair
12:35-14:05 GMT    (5’ each presentation)LEARNING FROM THE PAST & PREPARING THE FUTURE:Presentation of UNESCO Global Geoparks’ best practices as inspiration for future steps
ActionsExampleUNESCO Global GeoparkCountry
12:35-12:40 GMTWater education – reuse, minimum water consumptionRokua UGGp educational activities on water management
Vesa Krökki [pdf]
Rokua UGGpFinland
12:40-12:45 GMTManagement of water resourcesDong Van Karst Plateau hydropower station
Prof. Tran Tan Van
Dong Van Karst Plateau UGGpVietnam
12:45-12:50 GMTMarine biodiversitySupport sea turtle center
Rosana Mega Fatimah [pdf]
Cilethu-Palabuhanratu UGGpIndonesia
12:50-12:55 GMTMarine environment conservationInvolvement of Qeshm Island UGGp in marine environment
Alireza Almicazemi [pdf]
Qeshm Island UGGpIran
12:55-13:00 GMTSustainable tourismSustainable tourism in Imbabura UGGp
Carlos Merizalde [pdf]
Imbabura UGGpEquador
13:00-13:05 GMTSustainable tourismEco friendly guest villages in Yanqing UGGp
Li Yunquian [pdf]
Yanqing UGGpChina
13:05-13:10 GMTLocal productsBurren and Cliffs of Moher UGGp Ecotourism Network
Carol Glesson [pdf]
Burren and Cliffs of Moher UGGpIreland
13:10-13:15 GMTLocal productsPromoting local products in Satun UGGp
Narongrit Thongprue
& Nattinee Sripeth [pdf]
Satun UGGpThailand
ActionsExampleUNESCO Global GeoparkCountry
13:15-13:20 GMTUsing new technology, Apps, QR code, etc.VGeoVR project
Pal Thomae
Magma UGGpNorway
13:20-13:25 GMTNew ways/tools to communicateThe ‘Geopark In Focus’ series of fascinating interviews hosted by Prof Iain Stewart
Melanie Border [pdf]
English Riviera UGGpUK
13:25-13:30 GMTSpecific actions promoting indigenous peopleInvolving Maasai people inside Ngorongoro-Lengai UGGp
Rama Khatibu [pdf]
Ngorongoro-Lengai UGGpTanzania
13:30-13:35 GMTSpecific actions promoting indigenous people“La Casa de la Tierra” The House of the Earth
Jose Luis Palacio
Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca UGGpMexico
13:35-13:40 GMTSpecific actions promoting indigenous people Understanding indigenous culture and linkage with nature: The picture book ‘Origins of River Names’
Nire Kagaya
Toya-Usu UGGpJapan
13:40-13:45 GMTSpecific actions promoting indigenous peopleCliffs of Fundy UGGp and Mi’kmaq reconciliation
John Calder [pdf]
Cliffs of Fundy UGGpCanada
ActionsExampleUNESCO Global GeoparkCountry
13:45-13:50 GMTClimate change and Carbon footprintRestoration of 40,000ha of peatland and its enormous climate change mitigation benefits
Chris Woodley Stewart
North Pennines UGGpUK
13:50-13:55 GMTRenewal energy and Carbon footprintRenewal energy in El Hierro UGGp
Candelaria Sánchez
El Hierro UGGpSpain
13:55-14:00 GMTEncourage population’s actions on waste management and recycling material useEncourage population’s actions on waste management and recycling material use: Participation in the World CleanUp Day
Driss Achbal [pdf]
M’Goun UGGpMorocco
14:00-14:30 GMTDiscussion Q & A  
14:30 GMTEnd of Session