2nd FOLLOW – UP Meeting of the DIGITAL Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks – Lesvos 2020

After the very successful  DIGITAL Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks – Lesvos 2020 and the first FOLLOW – UP Meeting two months ago, we are organizing the next one on Monday 2nd November 2020  from 12.00 GMT to  14.00 GMT.  

We would like to remind you the main idea related with this new initiative:
This FOLLOW – UP  Meeting of the DIGITAL Course on Geoparks involves many of our Senior Experts on Geoparks is organized only to answer to your questions on UNESCO Global Geoparks and problems you confront in the implementation of the ideas you share during the DIGITAL COURSE. 

– questions related with better understanding of the UNESCO Global Geopark concept, procedures, process,  networking, etc…

– specific questions related with difficulties/ uncertainty that you can meet in your Geopark project (or your new UNESCO Global Geopark). 

So please 
prepare in advance your questions and if you are looking for an advice about any kind of difficulties that you meet in your Geopark project, please prepare a small power point, which will help us to better understand and analyze the problem in its context.

In order to participate in the 2nd FOLLOW UP COURSE please visit the link 

Looking forward to meeting you again soon

Best regards,

For the Digital Course on Geoparks Secretariat 
Prof. Nickolas Zouros