GGN – Geopark Best Practice AWARDS 2016


Call for proposals to be submitted by the Geopark Evaluators

The Awards 2016 will be presented during the 7th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks 2016

The Global Geoparks Network (GGN) Best Practices Award aims to promote, enhance and encourage the development of innovative initiatives inside the Global Geoparks of UNESCO.

The award will recognise pioneering practices and initiatives that contribute to a more effective and dynamic network, set fantastic exemplars for others to follow and emulate, and create greater public recognition of the UNESCO Global Geoparks.

The prize honours the management and / or a partner of a UNESCO Global Geopark for the pioneering nature and quality of the initiative, encouraging all the GGN members to work in the same line.

The 2016 GGN Best Practices Awards includes three awards, granted by the GGN Association in partnership with the Organizing Committee of the 7th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks in the English Riviera Global Geopark, United Kingdom, 27-30 September 2016.

The 2016 GGN Best Practices Awards are selected from the 2014-2015 evaluation / revalidation missions.

GGN Geopark Evaluators who took part in Geopark evaluation/revalidation missions in 2014 and 2015 are kindly invited to submit a proposal for the GGN – Geopark Best Practice Awards 2016.

Eligibility Criteria

The GGN Best Practice Awards will be considered and decided by the GGN ExB and subsequently awarded during the 7th International Conference on “UNESCO Global Geoparks” based on proposals submitted by the Geopark Evaluators.

Submissions for the award will only be accepted from the evaluators who have observed the example of best practice during the evaluation/revalidation process in person and included details of the practice or project within the evaluation/revalidation reports.

Selection Criteria

The main selection criteria are based on:

  • Suitabilityand replicationcapabilityin other GGN territories;
  • Effectivecontribution toan increasinglybetter functioningof the territories classifiedas UNESCO Global Geoparks;
  • The innovative nature of the best practice example (relevant, original, unique approach, etc.)


Submissions should be sent to the GGN Secretariat by evaluators, detailing the best practice example(s) encountered during the evaluation/revalidation missions. The formal application should include the following elements:

  • Geopark Name and Country
  • Evaluator Name
  • Summary description of the best practice observed (up to 1 page);
  • Brief justification for the merit of the applied best practice in accordance with the main selection criteria (up to 1 page);
  • A set of 2-4 pictures or a document that allow to visualize the example of good practices or understand its practical implementation.



The prizes awarded will consist of a diploma mentioning the example of good practice and their assignment will have appropriate emphasis in all communication channels of GGN.

The three winning cases will be given the opportunity to present their project in detail to the conference delegates during a special best practice session. Winners will therefore be notified of their award in advance of the conference in order to make arrangements to attend and prepare a power point.

2016 GGN Award Timetable

Application (proposals) opening date:                                    1st May 2016

Application (proposals) closing date:                                       1st July 2016

Review and selection by the Award Committee:                    Up to 15h August 2016

Final decision of the GGN Ex.B.                                                September  2016

Prize Ceremony:                                             During the 7th International Conference

on UNESCO Global Geoparks

Winners ppt presentations                             During the 7th International Conference

on UNESCO Global Geoparks


Please ensure that the Evaluators proposals  is submitted by July 1st,  2016 to:



Global Geoparks Network

Haute Provence Geopark, Musée Promenade,
10 Montée Bernard Dellacasagrande,
BP 156, 04005 Cedex Digne les Bains – France.




  1. Ibrahim KOMOO (Malaysia)
  2. Changxing LONG (China)
  3. Guy MARTINI (France)
  4. Kristin RANGNES (Norway)
  5. Artur SA (Portugal)