UNESCO Global Geoparks Promotion and Activities in ITB Berlin 6-10 March 2019

UNESCO Global Geoparks Promotion and Activities

in ITB Berlin 6-10 March 2019

The GGN team at the ITB 2019 – Thanks to all Geoparks presentation was a great success!



The GGN booth at ITB (Hall 4.1b Adventure Travel – Responsible Tourism) presented under the same umbrella the UNESCO Global Geoparks as sustainable tourism destinations and the activities of the Global Geoparks Network – GGN, APGN and EGN!

The GGN booth was coordinated by Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark together with Messel Pit WHS and the Global Geopark partners.

This year the GGN stand gave special emphasis to the presentation of the collaboration projects and activities between Geoparks which help to disseminate best practices and the creation of new tools in communication and geo-products.

The GGN for the first time published a catalogue of Tourist packages for the Geoparks present in the GGN Booth, including the offer of 13 geoparks. We hope that we can develop this practice for the Network and present soon a comprehensive catalogue with the Geopark’s tourist offer.

23 Geoparks were present at the GEOPARKS booth with staff and promotional material presenting their geotourism offer. For the first time Geopark from Malaysia (Langkawi) was present in ITB – Geoparks stand together with 23 Geoparks from Europe and Messel Pit.

LIST of Participants

· Naturtejo Geopark, Portugal

· Langkawi Geopark, Malaysia

· Magma Unesco Global Geopark, Norway

· Arouca Geopark, Portugal

· Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros Portugal

· Gea Norvegica UNESCO Global Geopark, Norway

· Lesvos island Unesco Global Geopark Greece

· Geoparque Mundial UNESCO de Villuercas Ibores Jara

· Troodos Unesco Global Geopark, Cyprus

· Sitia Unesco Global Geopark, Greece

· Psiloritis Unesco Global Geopark, Greece

· Geopark Muskauer Faltenbogen Unesco Global Geopark, Germany-Poland

· Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald UNesco Global Geopark Germany

· Naturpark Terra Vita Unesco Global Geopark, Germany

· Bakony-Balaton Unesco Global Geopark, Hungary

· Unesco Global Geopark Karawanken-Karavanke, Austria-Slovenia

· Natur- und Geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen GmbH Unesco Global Geopark, Austria

· Geoparcul Dinozaurilor Țara Hațegului Unesco Global Geopark, Romania

· Park prirode Papuk Unesco Global Geopark, Croatia

· Geopark Harz . Braunschweiger Land . Ostfalen Unesco Global Geopark, Germany

· Vulkaneifel Unesco Global Geopark Germany

· Idrija Unesco Global Geopark, Slovenia

· Da Hondsrug Unesco Global Geopark, Netherlands

· Welterbe Grube Messel Germany

Langkawi booth in GGN stand German Geoparks celebrating the success of the Press Conference in GGN Stand
Greek and Cyprus Geoparks (Lesvos, Psiloritis,
Sitia and Troodos) with the General Secretary of North Aegean Region at the GGN Stand
Arouca Geopark booth at the GGN Stand with colleagues from Magma and Villuercas Ibore Jara Geopark

Geo Norvegica booth at the GGN Stand in ITB 2019

GGN Promotional Video and Printed Material

The GGN Promotional Video produced by Haute Provence UNESCO Global Geopark team to promote Geoparks as innovative sustainable tourism destinations was playing at a big screen at the Geoparks stand!
Watch it here: 
YouTube | GGN website

new video was filmed during ITB 2019, presenting GGN stand in ITB produced by Barnabas Korbely, Bakony – Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark.
Watch it here

GGN Promotional material distributed in the GGN booth and the brochure of Geoparks tourist offer

GGN Press Conference

GGN organized with success at the ITB 2019 a Press Conference to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Global Geoparks Network activities and promote UNESCO Global Geoparks as sustainable tourism destinations. The Press Conference was on March 5th, 2019 immediately after the official Press Conference of the ITB.

Read the REPORT on the GGN Press Conference.


The GGN presentation on “Global Geoparks Network and its activities to promote geotourism development and UNESCO Global Geoparks as sustainable tourism destinations” took place on Wednesday 6th March at 14.00, at the Pow-Wow for tourism professionals, in ITB Hall 4.1b Adventure Travel – Responsible Tourism!

Presentation of the GGN activities by N. Zouros

M.L. Frey presented at the Pow-Wow for tourism professionals Geotourism activities in Messel Pit WHS, located within Bergstrasse Odenwald UNESCO Global Geopark


The German UNESCO Global Geoparks organized a successful Press Conference on Thursday 7th March 2018 in ITB, with the presence of Representative of the National UNESCO Commission of Germany the representatives of the German UNESCO Global Geoparks Forum and the Authorities of Vulkaneifel and most of the German UNESCO Global Geoparks.

· Andreas Schueller, managing director of the Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, was the moderator of the Press Conference.

· Speakers at the German Geoparks Press Conference:

1. Lutz Möller, Deputy Secretary-General German UNESCO Commission,

2. Hartmut Escher, Speaker of the German Geoparks Forum and managing director of the Natur- und Geopark TERRA.vita presented the German UNESCO Global Geoparks.

3. Nickolas Zouros President of the Global Geoparks Network presented the activities of the Global Geoparks Network and UNESCO Global Geoparks for sustainable development.

German Geoparks Forum Press Conference: Lutz Möller, Deputy Secretary-General German Unesco Commission, Hartmut Escher, speaker of the UNESCO Global Geoparks in Germany, Andreas Schüller, moderator and Nikos Zouros, President of the Global Geopark Network Presentation of the German UNESCO Global Geoparks by Lutz Möller, German UNESCO Nat. Com. Deputy Secretary-General German Unesco Commission.
Presentation by N. Zouros GGN President on GGN activities for Geoparks development and success. Presentation of Hartmut Escher on German UNESCO Global Geoparks
The members of the German Geoparks Forum with Lutz Möller, German UNESCO Nat. Com. Deputy Secretary-General German UNESCO Commission, the President of GGN N. Zouros, the Coordinator of EGN K. Rangnes and politicians from VulkanEifel.



INTERREG Danube Geo-tour

On 7th March 2019 at the GGN stand a meeting of the INTERREG Danube Geo-tour project took place with the participation UNESCO Global Geoparks and other project partners! The delegations of the project brought and presented a variety of the project outcomes which met the interest of the other UNESCO Global Geoparks representatives and most important the visitors of the ITB who asked more information about tourism activities created by the Danube geo-tour project.

A lot of new geo-products were also presented

INTERREG DANUBE Geo-tour partners representatives : Ágnes Stumpf, Goran Pavic, Korbély Barnabás, Urška Bajec Rupnik, Carlos Neto de Carvalho, Suzana Fajmut Štrucl, Eszter Sigmond, Nikos Zouros (GGN), Danijela Modrej, Annamária Kopek, Jan Doucek, Bálint Pataky, Alexandru Andrasanu and Oliver Gulas.


The partners of the INTERREG Geo-In project participated with stands at the GGN booth.

On March 8th a presentation on the project was made at ITB (Hall 4.1b Adventure Travel – Responsible Tourism).

On March 7th a meeting of the partners of the INTERREG Geo-In project took place with the participation of representatives from 4 Geoparks from Greece and Cyprus.

Four insular Geoparks from greece and Cyprus promoted at the International tourism Fair in Berlin at the GGN Stand with the support of INTERREG Geo-In



During the ITB 2019 GGN Representatives had important meetings with Ministers and National Government officials as well as Regional and Local Authorities.

It is extremely important to explain to our National and Local authorities the role and activities of our Geopark Networks to promote Geoparks as sustainable tourism destinations.

Malaysia: At the official opening of ITB 2019 at the Pavilion of Malaysia we have the opportunity to meet the Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture of Malaysia Datuk Mohamaddin bin Ketapi and to discuss about the Global Geoparks Network and its 15th anniversary as well as the success of the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark, the first one in Malaysia.

Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture of Malaysia Datuk Mohamaddin bin Ketapi speaking with Prof. N. Zouros President of the Global Geoparks Network Official opening of ITB at the Stand of Malaysia. Malaysia is the official Partner Country this year in ITB 2019.
Official opening of ITB at the Stand of Malaysia. Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture of Malaysia Datuk Mohamaddin bin Ketapi with the Mayor of Berlin Malaysia traditional costumes at the opening ceremony



The GGN Delegation visited the Pavilion of China in the ITB 2019. We met the head of the Delegation of China in ITB 2019 Liu Shijun and we had the opportunity to present the potential of Geoparks as sustainable tourism destinations and the activities of the GGN to promote UNESCO Global Geoparks world wide.

China hosts 38 UNESCO Global Geoparks and some of them such as Taishan, Yanqing, Zhangjiajie andSongshan were presented at the pavilion.

Meeting with the head of the Delegation of China in ITB 2019 Liu Shijun and discussion on the GGN promotional magazine GGN delegation in front of the photo of snowed landscape at the Great Wall of China in Yanqing UNESCO Global Geopark. It will be the first Geopark to host Winter Olympics 2022!
The head of the Delegation of China in ITB 2019 Liu Shijun by the head of the ITB Berlin, the Mayor of Berlin and the General Secretary of the World Tourism Organization The GGN delegation at the pavilion of China in front of the Taishan UNESCO Global Geopark photo



Meeting with the head of the Delegation of Vietnam in ITB 2019, Mr Hoang Nhan Chinh, Director of the Tourism Advisory Board.

The GGN Delegation discussed about the development of Geoparks in Vietnam and their promotion through GGN as sustainable tourism destinations.

Meeting of the GGN delegation with the delegation of Vietnam at the National stand of Vietnam.



The Secretary of Tourism Ana Mendes Godinho was welcomed by the GGN President N.Zouros, EGN coordinator Kristin Rangnes and Armindo Jacinto president of Naturtejo Geopark.

The discussion was very useful and productive with the GGN delegation. The contribution of Geoparks as tools for the local development of rural areas in Europe based on their territorial heritage protection, enhancement and promotion was the main topic of our discussion.


At the Hessen stand in ITB Berlin N. Zouros, K. Rangnes and M-L Frey had a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Hessen Tarek Al-Wazir and discussed the role of Geoparks for the development of sustainable tourism and especially the efforts to protect the WHS of Messel which is included in Bergstrasse-Odenwald UNESCO Global Geopark.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Hessen Tarek Al-Wazir with N. Zouros and Marie – Luise Frey at the Hessen Pavilion at ITB 2019. Subject of discussion Geoparks and their role in sustainable local development.



Meeting with the Minister of Tourism of Greece Mrs E. Koundoura and the General Secretary Mr. G. Tzialas asking for their support for the promotion of Geoparks as sustainable tourism destinations. Mrs Koundoura explained the actions of the Ministry towards that direction.

The General Secretary of the North Aegean Region Mr G. Kambouris visited the UNESCO Global Geoparks stand in ITB Berlin 2019 and discussed with the Lesvos Geopark representatives on the Geopark activities.



Meeting with the new Deputy Minister of Tourism of Cyprus and discussion about Geopark.

Troodos is the first UNESCO Global Geopark in Cyprus and it can play a very important role in the new re-branding of Cyprus tourism aiming to be launched as the tourism destination for all seasons.

Meeting of N. Zouros GGN President and E. Tsaggaridi Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark with the new Vice-Minister of Tourism of Cyprus Savas Perdios.



Several other UNESCO Global Geoparks were present in ITB 2019 in association with their National/Regional Tourism Organizations or with Individual Stands.

It was for the first time that in so many stands the GGN delegation met officials having good knowledge of Geoparks in their country and Geopark’s leaflets maps and brochures.


Azores UNESCO Global Geopark

Azores UNESCO Global Geopark was promoted in an impressive stand just next to the Global Geoparks Stand at at ITB (Hall 4.1b Adventure Travel – Responsible Tourism).

The Azores Stand just next to the GGN Booth, promoting Azores as sustainable tourism destination


Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark

The promotion of Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark was made not only through the GGN stand but also through the Malaysian pavilion.


Lanzarote and El Hierro UNESCO Global Geoparks

The presence of Lanzarote and El Hierro UNESCO Global Geoparks was also through the Canary islands booth. The people at the booth gave us information about both Geoparks, leaflets on the Geopark activities and the contact persons with their e-mails!

Promotion of Lanzarotte Geopark and El Hierro Geopark at the Canary Islands stand at the Spanish pavilion in ITB 2019. Leaflets, maps and Geopark guides were available and distributed. The personnel of the stand gave correct information, was very kind and ready to help visitors to explore the geological attractions of both Geoparks


Taishan, Yanqing, Zhangjiajie and Shongshan UNESCO Global Geoparks

The promotion of the Taishan, Yanqing, Zhangjiajie and Shongshan UNESCO Global Geoparks was impressive at the Chinese National Pavilion in ITB 2019. With impressive landscape photos and the moto “China : beyond your imagination”, geopark scenic spots were presented using also WH and GGN logos!

Taishan UNESCO Global geopark promoted at the Pavilion of China in ITB 2019


Vikos Aoos UNESCO Global Geopark, Greece

At the Hellenic National Stand Vikos Aoos UNESCO Global Geopark was promoted by the Region of Epirus using the also the Geopark label and photos. 



Delegation of Haiti with much interest to understand how to develop Geopark projects

Interview for a radio from the city of Berlin



Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark – Portugal and Messel Pit WHS in Bergstrasse-Odenwald UNESCO Global Geopark – Germany


IN ITB 2019

Geopark participation in ITB can be characterized as very successful and productive. The booth doubled its space the design of the previous year with 12 individual geopark stands, two towers, two big screen for videos and a space for discussions. The booth used red colors and big photos. This time we had at the Geoparks booth a lot of common materials to present UGG/GGN. (UGG/GGN maps, GGN brochures, UGG Brochures, GGN Newsletter, EGN Magazine, EGN Newsletter, Geoparks Tourist Offer 2019 Broshure).

· Geoparks through the stand, press conference and presentations, got visibility and raise the interest of the tourism professionals during the ITB 2019. All colleagues made great efforts to present both their Geopark and the Network.

A general impression from ITB 2019 is that Geoparks start to become more visible in the tourist market.

The Geopark booth was very busy all the days open to trade visitors but also the week end for the general public.

This year was easier to get information on UNESCO Global Geoparks at the National and Regional Tourism stands as well as promotional material and sometimes leaflets on UNESCO Global Geoparks.

It is important that UNESCO Global Geoparks use the opportunity of their presence in ITB to raise profile and visibility, to discuss with top European Politicians, to present themselves to the tourist market and to build new collaborations.