Visitor 100,000 of the Space of the Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

The President of the Region of Sobrarbe, Enrique Campo, together with Vicky Bueno, the informant of this Space, received on August 10 to Erika Marfil de Lerida, the visitor number 100,000 of the Space of the World Geopark UNESCO Sobrarbe-Pirineos. They have delivered a basket with Products from Sobrarbe, with a sample of each of the agri-food producers Contributing Entities of the Geopark.

The Geopark Space is the information center and starting point for touring the Geopark, located in the Southeast Tower of the Castle of Aínsa. It has been open to the public since July 2008.

If we imagine that the Tower’s own vertical architecture symbolizes geological time, from the Paleozoic to the present, then the visitor must ascend the four floors to reveal the hidden geological treasures in the more than 500 million years that record the rocks of Sobrarbe.

In addition to its first contact with the geological history of Sobrarbe and the Pyrenees, the visitor receive in the Geopark Space all the information to visit the main geological sites of Sobrarbe through the Geo-Routes at the Roadside Geology Route, choose the Geo-Routes on Foot or Geology MTB Trails that are more attractive and adapted to the visitor’s possibilities, the Historic Geo-Mining Tail of Parzán, or climb the via ferrata of the impressive Cascade of Sorrosal.

The Sobrarbe-Pirineos UNESCO World Geopark offers the development of geotourism, an alternative and complement to traditional tourism, helping to find the answers to many questions that can arise when contemplating the landscape.

As of August 10, 9.542 visits have already been received, 33% more than last year at this time. July broke the record with 4.026 visitors, being the month that more visits have been recorded over these 9 years.

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