Calendar of Events


5th – 6th September 2017: 40th European Geoparks Network Meeting
7th – 9th September 2017: 14th European Geoparks Conference
Azores UNESCO Global Geopark, Portugal

16th – 17th September 2017:  UGG Council Meeting
18th APGN September 2017:  APGN  AC and CC Meetings

19th – 22th September 2017: 5th Asian Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium
Zhijindong Cave UNESCO Global Geopark, China |



March 2018: 41st European GeoparksNetwork Meeting
Karavanke/Karawanken UNESCO Global Geopark, Slovenia & Austria

10th – 20nd June 2018: International Intensive Course on Geoparks UNESCO Global Geoparks and Geoheritage management
Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark, Greece

8th – 9th September 2018: UGG Council Meeting

10th – 11th September 2018: 42nd European Geoparks Network Meeting
12th – 15th September 2018: 8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks – 2nd Ordinary GGN General Assembly
Adamello Brenta UNESCO Global Geopark, Italy


March 2019: 43rd European GeoparksNetwork Meeting
Swabian Albs UNESCO Global Geopark, Germany

September 2019: 44th European Geoparks Network Meeting
September 2019: 15 th European Geoparks Conference
Sierra Norte de Sevilla UNESCO Global Geopark, Spain


March 2020: 45th European Geoparks Network Meeting
Papuk UNESCO Global Geopark, Croatia

September 2020: 46th European Geoparks Network Meeting
Hateg UNESCO Global Geopark, Romania

September 2020: 9th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks – 3rd Ordinary GGN Association General Assembly